The Russians are coming….trying to grab their share of Chinese visitors

Chinese Media Predicts Tourism Will Boost Russian Economy

Amid falling oil prices and the global economic slowdown, many countries are counting on tourism. Russia is also taking steps in order to actively develop this promising industry and, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua, has a good chance of successfully boosting its economy.

The Russian authorities recently announced their plans to open the Vostochny Cosmodrome located in the Russian Far East to tourists. Earlier, Russian leaders personally visited the Cosmodrome and set up a special council for the development of tourism.
According to Xinhua, the tourism industry has great potential in a huge Russia with its different climatic conditions and variety of historical and cultural sites. Moreover, taking into account the devaluation of the ruble, travel within the country now looks very attractive to Russian residents.
The competitiveness of the Russian tourism industry has significantly increased in recent times. According to data from the World Economic Forum, Russia jumped 18 positions in the tourism competitiveness ranking and now ranks 45th.
In 2014, the inflow of visitors to the country has increased by 30%, with most of them coming from Asian countries such as China, Korea and India.
Last year, Moscow started to boost its activities in the tourism industry and presented its development strategy until 2020. The authorities are planning to create an image for the country, which would be attractive to tourists from all around the world.

Courtesy Sputnik International News Agency

Want to read more about China to Russia “Red Tourism”… http://sptnkne.ws/KHY


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