Seriously, the egg…..it’s no yolk in this Year of the Monkey!

Basic RGBAs millions of Chinese travel to celebrate the Lunar New Year, about 6 million will travel overseas. That, according to Ctrip, will be a record number. This seven day travel period (Spring Festival) is similar in travel to our Christmas vacation. It is a seven day National Holiday. Normally, Chinese travel home to enjoy the New Year with family. That is tradition. Clearly, the new tradition is to travel internationally. The most popular destinations being Thailand, South Korea, Australia and America. Interestingly, over 20% are modular travel purchases for the growing F.I.T (Flexible Independent Travel) or Semi-F.I.T. This new descriptor for the old F.I.T. acronym is fast catching on and I have been writing about this phenomena these past several months.

What is fueling the record numbers? Relaxed Visa restrictions, more flights, new destinations where people want to go discover, competitive fares, and big discounts as travel producers fight for market share.

Now, what about the Egg. No more egging you on here. (Sorry, couldn’t resist…too many soft balls here!) The Egg is one of the most sought after travel accessories this Spring Season. It is a small battery powered WiFi mobile gateway (you guessed it) the size of an egg. It connects to WiFi and WiMax networks. Big in Asia, catching on in Europe and soon to reach our shores. Look out for this WiFi egg gizmo as Chinese travelers will make this a must have travel product. So, as I said, without egg-azeration, it’s no yolk.

Meanwhile ….. Good Luck and Great Fortune for the Year of the Monkey.




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